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Violin Shoulder Rests

Slim Softie Shoulder Rest

These inexpensive, cloth-covered sponges are available commercially from The Instrument Place.

Slim Softie Violin and Viola shoulder pads have been hailed by retailers, teachers and students as the most comfortable and versatile shoulder pad ever made. The Slim Softie can be installed on the violin or viola in seconds and in three different configurations. Simply slip the elastic bands over the instrument and you are ready to play. Slim Softies are made of lightweight foam, elastic and durable cloth that is completely machine washable and dryer safe.

Everest Shoulder Rests

Everest ES Series

Everest Shoulder Rests are designed in the USA and manufactured with the finest material and workmanship.  These shoulder rests were designed by a John’s Hopkins’ biomedical engineer to overcome the many shortcomings of existing traditional shoulder rests.  Other manufacturers, such as KUN, Mach One, Viva la Musica, Bon Musica, and Wolf, all have very good designs, but many players still find them uncomfortable to use.  Everest Violin and Viola Shoulder Rests are the only ergonomically designed and patented collapsible shoulder rests that provide the best comfort for violin and viola players of all levels.

Do It Yourself!

Home made shoulder rest

You can make your own shoulder rest with a piece of foam sponge and a rubber band.

But remember – use a soft – dry – sponge.

No wet kitchen sponges!

Wolf Shoulder Rests

This long established Dutch made range of shoulder rests offers high quality and versatility at a reasonable price.

Artino Shoulder Rests

The Artino Shoulder Rest has swivel fork members for position flexibility and is equipped with metal nuts and end members that allow the player to make adjustments for the perfect fit.

Mach One Shoulder Rests

The Mach One features an ergonomic design that fits naturally on your shoulder with a simple, sculpture-like shape that is very comfortable. The attaching feet are molded out of a single piece of nylon that won’t mark or scratch your instrument.

Bonmusica Shoulder Rests

The Bonmusica Violin Shoulder Rest is height, width, and curve adjustable so that the player may obtain a precise fit and be as comfortable as possible. The padded curved base can be easily manipulated to fit the exact contour of the player’s shoulder, holding the instrument in place while promoting hands-free stability for easy shifting and vibrato.

Kinder Chinder Shoulder Rests

Unique design ideal for chin, neck, and shoulder comfort. Corduroy material has flap which hooks over chinrest, covers chinrest barrels, and lays on back as a shoulder pad. Foam inserts may be put in or taken out for height adjustment. Elastic bands secure rest to back. Relatively thin design allows it to fit in most cases without having to be taken off, an advantage for beginners.

Playonair Shoulder Rests

All Playonair Shoulder Rests provide the playing comfort of an inflatable cushion that adjusts to body movements and changing posture while playing. Elastic straps are adjustable so your Playonair can be placed in almost any position AND will fit any size violin or viola! No metal or SHARp edges to mar instrument, non-slip finish is soft and pliable. Blow-tube included allows you to inflate to just the right level of firmness.


Komfort Kurve Sponge

Designed for students who require thicker, denser foam to fill a wider  space between the collarbone and the jaw.

A good choice for players with tall necks. Fits 4/4 -1/2 size violins as well as 12″ – 15″ violas.

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