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The Violin is the highest-pitched member of the stringed instrument family which includes the violin, viola, cello, and double bass. The violin's range is equivalent to the soprano voice of a choir. It has a fretless fingerboard, four strings, and a distinctively shaped wooden body whose "waist" permits freedom of bowing

The violin evolved in Italy in the 16th century from the medieval fiddle and other instruments. With its brilliance, agility, and singing tone, the violin has been immensely important in Western art music, and it has the largest and most distinguished repertoire of any stringed instrument.

All of our Eastman student violins are shop adjusted for consistency and ease of playability. Eastman’s commitment to Old World hand-craftsmanship and quality solid tonewoods is present in these entry level violins. Our Eastman violin outfits have received praise from the most exacting critics of all: school teachers and private studio teachers.

All String Season stringed instruments are set-up to meet or exceed MENC specifications using ebony pegs and fingerboards, fitted European maple bridges, Wittner tailpieces with four fine-tuners, and quality D'Addario Prelude steel strings. Each instrument is fully hand-carved and comes with a seasoned spruce top with inlaid purfling and maple back and sides.

All violin outfits include a shaped case w/ cordura cover, a K. Holtz fiberglass bow with genuine horsehair and rosin. Our Eastman violins offer an unparalleled quality of sound and playability, while maintaining the price of an entry level instrument.


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