What is a pBone mini?

pBone mini?
Around the world,  pBone is having a profound influence on the delivery of brass learning. Children are enjoying the immediacy that pBone brings to the learning experience.  And Children’s Music Workshop’s own pBone mini book seamlessly incorporates pBone into the traditional band class.

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pBone Mini is the low brass solution for younger children. Mini’s smaller size and light weight construction alongside the new mouthpiece design allows children as young as four years old to start learning the trombone.

With fewer ‘do’s and don’ts’ and no shouts of “be careful!”, pBone allows teachers and pupils to leap into the learning experience in a more natural, informal and fun environment.

The pBone mini has been designed to allow hands of various shapes and sizes to find a comfortable, effective grip.

The light weight of pBone mini means that supporting the instrument is not a problem for even the youngest of players.

Carefully shaped components encourage good posture.

ABS coloured parts are immeasurably more durable than fragile brass tubing and the slide can withstand knocks, bumps and scrapes that would demolish a brass trombone slide.

Currently available in bold blue and striking red, the pBone mini is incredibly lightweight and easy to assemble.  So start making some sounds and let the fun begin!

Need a new mouthpiece for your pBone mini?

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