curvedflute  What is a Curved Head Flute?


  • For younger students, a curved head joint option offers an easier reach to the lip plates while maintaining a comfortable position.
  • The curved headjoint makes it possible for a young flutist to hold the instrument without having to reach beyond his or her capabilities at first.
  • Be sure to check with your local music dealer, band director, or flute teacher when deciding whether to purchase the extra headjoint option; the initial cost is nominal.Purchasing a regular flute and discovering later that the student really needs the curved head necessitates the purchase of the curved headjoint and another case as well.
  • Jupiter Curved Head Flute from The Instrument Place
    Unlike the model pictured above which has only the curved head joint, the Jupiter Curved head model comes with one silver-plated straight head joint and one silver-plated curved head joint so that the student can switch to a regular straight flute when ready.Other features include plateau keys (which means that all the keys are covered, including those on which the fingers are placed), an offset G, silver plated body and keys. The flute and both head joints all come together in one molded case.
The Nuvo flute is a revolutionary new flute designed to make learning much easier. The flute is made from durable ABS plastic resin which makes it almost half the weight of a metal flute. The light weight coupled with the curved head means that much less physical stress is put on the student. This reduces fatigue and aids concentration which means practice is more enjoyable and progress is faster. The flute is fully chromatic with the same fingering as a regular concert flute. It plays with a loud and resonant tone which teachers and flute performers have described as astonishing. The durability of the instrument also enhances the learning process as students can be encouraged to keep the instrument out of its case without fear of damage. This results in more frequent and spontaneous practice. The flute is also waterproof which means it can be used for marching band and it can also be washed frequently in warm soapy water. It can even be played in the swimming pool or shower! The flute kit includes a smart semi-hard case with carry strap as well as a cleaning stick, left hand key extensions, tool kit and O-ring grease.
The kit also includes the patented removable “First note” lip plate. The recorder-like mouthpiece enables the student to immediately produce a tone. This is very encouraging and enables the student to concentrate on posture and fingering before moving on to learn the correct embouchure with the regular lip plate. The flute plays down to low D and can be upgraded when the student is ready by purchasing the flute Upgrade Kit which includes a straight head and a C-feet joint. Colored key caps are available to personalize the flute or for color coding as a teaching aid. Technical specifications: Fully adjustable curved head joint, locked adjustable plug and crown, removable lip plate system, patented optional “First note” lip plate, self-seating silicone pads, silicone comfort rests, left hand key extensions, offset G, bayonet fitting D-feet joint.
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