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Comes with mouthpiece and cap, ligature, neck strap, cleaning swab, polishing cloth, cork grease, #2 1/2 Vandoren reed, durable hard case.

It's easy to Order a Clarinet!

The B-flat Clarinet is a standard member of both orchestras and bands. It has a 3 1/2-octave range with its lower register as rich as its top register is brilliant. The clarinet produces a fluid sound when air is blown between a single reed and the mouthpiece. By pressing metal keys with the fingers of both hands, the player has the ability to play many different notes very quickly.

Jupiter clarinets are made from ABS resin in a matte finish with an appearance and sound similar to that of genuine granadilla wood. These models are lightweight, strong and easy to clean – perfect for even very young players.

The clarinet has a nickel silver bell ring, .577" bore, undercut tone holes, forged nickel plated nickel-silver keys, A442 tuning and comes with an injection molded French style case with draw bolt latches.

The thumb rest is adjustable up or down to better fit hand size and finger length. A neck strap is also included to lessen the weight on the player’s thumb while promoting the correct hand and finger positioning, embouchure and posture.

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