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Buffet E11 Wood Clarinet

A huge improvement over the beginning model clarinets students are given. I got one in 2000 and I have no complaints. I had been a student for six years, and the ease of playing compared to my old model was remarkable. It gave me a great boost of confidence in my playing, and friends who tried it could also clearly hear the difference in their own playing.


Although I haven't been playing as much the past couple years, I have had no problems with wear and tear and the sound keeps getting better (even if the musician doesn't). :) I bought mine in a shop where they let me try a couple other models, a Yamaha and Vito of similar quality, and this one blew those two out of the water and was almost $200 cheaper at the time. I would recommend this for anyone who has a couple years experience playing and wants to kick it up a notch.


I love my E11. I've had it since October 2001 and it has served me well. I have not had a single problem with it and it has held up well.Great buy and the price on this site is unbeatable for this specific horn.


The buffett clarinet model E-ll is a great intermediate instruments for advanced young players. The tone is expetional due to the wood body. The keys are used with ease. I would recomend this any day!!!!!!!

I got this clarinet back in high school, when it was obvious I was "outgrowing" my beginner plastic clarinet from Selmer. I majored on clarinet in college, and this lady was with me all the way. Updated with a more advanced mouthpiece (Gigliotti P-facing), I was principal clarinetist for my college's symphonic band for the two years I majored in music.

Then I put it down for a while. Thirteen years later, I picked it up again to play in a community orchestra. I had to "downgrade" my mouthpiece because I had lost my chops, but with a Fobes Nova, I still get beautiful, full sound out of this instrument.

In my tenure as a music major, tutor, section leader and band assistant, I have played on many models of clarinet, granted, mostly student models. I'm always glad to get my hands back on my lady. I shall never part with her.

You wouldn't want to spend the money for this clarinet for a beginner, but when your beginner has progressed and is ready to upgrade, this instrument will suit him or her well. From a high school band member, to an intensive college clarinet major.


The Buffet clarinets are the kings within all clarinet brands. Sure, you could go ahead and save a few hundred bucks on a Yamaha or a Vito, but the clarity of sound and the exceptional resonance on the lower pitches will provide a comfortable playing style for intermediates right up til' advanced players in the second year of high school. Of course, you might want to consider purchasing a clarinet at a music store, where you can give it a little test drive.

Every clarinet has its strengths and weaknesses, and it all really depends on personal preference. Some clarinets are exceptional sounding in the lower register, hitting those mellow baritone ranges with ease, while some clarinets are apt for dancing among the higher registers (and ultimately giving a brighter tone to the overall experience).


The main message I want you guys to take away from here is that in the general scheme of things, among all the Bb clarinets on the market, the Buffet E11 is king. However, as with most on-line purchases, it's often reassuring to go in person to the music store and make sure you're buying a clarinet that suits your personality and playing style. You wouldn't buy a car on-line until you test drove it and really thought it through, right?


This is a great clarinet. It is perfect for a high school student, like me, who is serious about developing their talent, but is unsure if they are ready for a professional level instrument. The tone is beautiful and amazing compared to the plastic beginner level clarinets that most students own. If you buy this, remember it cannot be used for marching, as wooden clarinets should not be exposed to outdoor weather

This will cause the wood to warp and crack. Also, I suggest buying this from an instrument store and through school music department, if possible. Music teachers can get you a huge discount. I paid $750 for mine brand new, with the normal cost at about $1500. Also, can test out the instrument for a while before paying anything.


This clarinet provides good sound at a reasonable cost. My daughter prefers having her own instrument over using the one provided by the school. She is becoming a serious music student, and this clarinet provides her an opportunity to care for her own musical instrument as she becomes more accomplished. Her music teacher was pleased with our choice.


If you're an experienced player looking for a great instrument but maybe not quite enthusiastic about paying for a "professional" instrument this is definitely for you. For its price range, it is a marvelous instrument that has a wonderful, warm tone and plays quite easily. I've had mine since 1996 and it has never disappointed me. One note, after a few years I did buy a new mouth piece and ligature, but the stock ones were adequate (if you can, I recommend shopping around because the right mouth piece and ligature will make this fine instrument even more enjoyable to play- this is really true of any clarinet).


This is a very nice horn. It plays every bit as well as expected, with workmanship on par with professional clarinets. Well constructed and therefore deserves the careful handling of any fine musical instrument (this is NOT a good choice as a first clarinet for a child). I would suggest replacement of the mouthpiece with a Vandoren B45 (the standard Buffet mouthpiece is worse than terrible). In fairness to Buffet's mouthpiece, I am a transitioning saxophonist and am accustomed to the forgiveness of a tenor sax mouthpiece. Inexperienced players will also find the stock Buffet mouthpiece to be harsh and unforgiving. The seller (Hyson Music) did an outstanding job of packing the horn for shipment.

It came in its padded case, inside of a small box, enclosed in a large, well-padded shipping box. My order arrived in four days (during bad winter weather). This was a replacement horn and it was of better quality than the one it was replacing (Selmer). When I overlooked the need to 'play in' a better-quality new, wooden horn...I decided to buy a second clarinet for practice/weather/questionable venues. I would have purchased a Buffet B12 for its interchangeability with my E11, but it was not at sold at Amazon through Hyson Music. I elected to purchase a student LJ Hutchens as my 'backup horn' and the great service by the seller of my E11 moved me to forgo the better (slightly more expensive) Buffet in exchange for known, superior customer service by the seller.

Be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations for the E11 (NO bore oil!) that differ somewhat from the standard care guidelines for wood clarinets. Follow the 'play in' instructions to the letter to avoid cracking. This is a fine instrument and I got it for several hundred dollars less than my local retailer.

This is a superior instrument for the advancing player or for the professional player on a budget. Well done Buffet-Crampon and Hyson Music!


My 13 yr old son had reached the point that he out grew his student clarinet, which was a good thing because it meant that he was improving. After researching and asking many questions we found that the Buffet E-11 clarinet would grow with him to college and beyond. We were a little shocked at the price at some of the local music stores and some of the online stores for this clarinet. After surfing on Amazon one day I took a chance and looked for this clarinet and was quite pleased.. the cost was at least 50% less than other placed I was looking!!!

We ordered it and recieved it within 4 days. It is a beautiful instrument, both in looks and sound!! Our son was thrilled... He used it for an audition and made it to ALL district. The clarinet helped make all his hard work sound even better!! We are very pleased with our purchase.


You can go to Buffet Crampon web site and they have a video of how these clarinets are made. After seeing the video it justified to us why they are so much more expensive. I'm glad we didn't settle for something cheaper.. they are the Cadillac of clarinets.


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