• Facts You Need in Choosing a Cello

  • Stick with good, brand name cellos. Beginners need a quality start to succeed.
  • Get at least 45% off retail.
  • Demand a full warranty.
  • Get fast delivery and personal help from the retailer.

  • You should start the process of geting a cello with a ball park price in mind.

    Low-priced cellos are not always the best choice. There are many really bad brands on the market - some don't even work. So beware of ordering a cheapie no-name on the internet or from a big box discount store. Consult with your local music shop or with well-known websites like this one. You need the advice of an experienced professional to avoid rip-offs.

    It is often a good idea to rent first to get a feel for the instrument before you buy. You may want to buy a used cello, but be very careful when doing this. Or you may buy a new one. A great alternative to renting or buying is to lease a new cello.

    If you need a cello, we can recommend two options for the young student. They include leasing-to-own and purchasing.

EBay: Buyer Beware
EBay carries a wide-range of instruments - many we recommend and many we do NOT recommend. Stick with brand names only. Don't buy the cheap no-names. The low prices are very tempting. We don't allow them in our programs due to all the problems.

  • Thank you for your help and guidance. We knew nothing about student instruments and now feel better prepared to make an informed choice on what is best for our daughter!

    Thank you for providing this service. Your expertise is very much appreciated. Our son loves his new instrument! The company you recommended could not have been more helpful.

About the Cello
The cello is one of the bass voices of the stringed instrument family which includes the violin, viola, cello and double bass. (The double bass is the lowest-pitched instrument of the orchestra, sounding an octave in pitch lower than the cello.)

The cello's proportions resemble those of the violin, except players hold its body between their legs and its weight is supported by an endpin that touches the floor. It has four strings, tuned an octave below those of the viola. The cello has a warm and rich "singing" quality of tone which is said to most resemble the human voice.

The cello has a warm and rich "singing" quality of tone which is said to most resemble the human voice.

Proper cello positions






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