How to Buy a Guitar on eBay

If you know how to buy on Ebay you are fairly safe.  Make sure that the person you do business with has a good track record. Right next to their screen name, is a number that indicates the number of transactions this person has accomplished.  You can then check his “feedback” and see if positive comments were left by other folks he’s done business with. A few negative comments can really ruin a persons ability to continue to do business on Ebay.  Although there are a few bad apples, the Ebay experience is built on the need for a seller to maintain a positive experience rating.  He does not want unhappy folks in the world.

When buying a used instrument from an individual you go by three main factors:

1. How does the guitar look structurally?

2. How does the guitar play in your hands?  Is it comfortable?  Is it easy to play?

3. How do you feel intuitively about the person you are doing business with? Does he or she feel like a straight shooter?

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