The goal of all elementary schools is to provide a rigorous and balanced education for their young students to prepare them for future education and life experiences.

Only when music education is included as a part of the curriculum is the school truly making the total commitment to providing the opportunity for each child to develop their full potential.

Children’s Music Workshop is the program many Los Angeles area schools use to include this essential musical training.

School music classes have been shown to be a key to opening the child’s mind to not only the joy and thrill of making music, but music is a conduit to understanding science concepts, improving math skills, and developing reading and listening skills.

All these benefits are combined into an activity that appeals to young children. Active music making enhances the child’s enthusiasm for school and stimulates their vivid imagination.


Meet Our Faculty

The area's finest music teachers

If you are an enthusiastic and talented teacher and musician, you may be the kind of person we are looking for to join our team of professional music educators.
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