The purpose of the LACESMA Music Scholarships (Los Angeles City Elementary School Music Association scholarships) is to
 provide private instruction for deserving pupils who show evidence of talent and demonstrate unusual ability in performance.  The annual event is open all students in any of LAUSD’s five hundred elementary schools. 

LACESMA is an organization of elementary music educators, classroom teachers, school administrators, parents and community members who promote and support music education in the Los Angeles Unified Schools.  LACESMA provides music scholarships for LAUSD elementary instrumental music students and supports music festivals and other performance opportunities for LAUSD elementary students.  The organization also provides professional development for music educators and advocacy resources for arts education.

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Congratulations to Our 2016 Children’s Music Workshop Winners

Academy for Enriched Sciences – Riona Lally – Cello
Beckford Charter Elementary – Jonathan Cheng – Clarinet
Clover Ave. Elementary – Elyse Bouchard – Violin
Overland Elementary – Bryan Bravo – Trumpet
Overland Elementary – Ziming Zhang – Cello
Pacific Palisades Charter Elementary – Sophia von der Ohe – Flute
Pacific Palisades Charter Elementary – Max von der Ohe – Trumpet
Welby Way Elementary – Jessica Cao – Clarinet

Aaron Tsai

Adam Lin

Albert Tang

Alex Liow

Alexandra Morris

Akseli Kangaslahi

Alena Cohen

Andrew Park

Angela Baik

Anijke Simon

Anne Rhee

Allison Guh

Allison Wang

Andy Rodgers

Anthony Fedorko

Ari Simon

Asher Simon

Austin Li

Astin Sasaki

Ava Dingley

Azucena Balbuena

Ben Weinman

Benny deMayo

Brad Davis

Brandon Cohenmehr

Brian Choi

Bryan Bravo

Carmen Flood

Caroline Bremner

Christina Tsai

Christine Choi

Christopher Alvord

Clara Miklaucic

Connor Izumi

Daniel Wen

David Clymer

Drew Gustafson

Dylan Wilson

Eli Shenassa

Elizabeth Chou

Elizabeth Endo

Emily Jin

Emma Matamoros

Emma O’Neil

Emerson Hurd

Emily Jin

Eric Chung

Evan Rasch

Emily Wen

Emily Zhang

Elyse Bouchard

Greta Zumbrunnen

Hana Romanik

Harrison Garff

Hayeon Lee

Ivy Lee

Jade Yen

Jaden Robinson

Jaemin Samuel Choi

Jake Gustafson

Jake Praglin

Jamie Mazur

Jane Kim

Jasper Timmermans

Jennifer Hritz

Jeremy Warfel

Jesse Eagle

Jessica Cao

Jessica Garf

Joanne Lee

Joanne Yun

Joseph Kim

Jonathan Cheng

Jonathan Luo

Jun Ha Kim

Kaitlyn Jung

Kelly Kim

Kesarin Mehta

Kevin Jennings

Kimberly Yoo

Kyle Headrick

Lauren Choi

Lea Bartlett

Louis Sarkes

Lucas Braun

Lucienne Reyes

Lukas Leitzgen

Maddison MacNeil

Margaret Park

Marko Fejzo

Maya Nordyke

Max Kaminsky

Max von der Ohe

Mia Huo

Min Ha Kim

Natalie Reeves

Nicholas Eberle

Nina Romo

Quinlan McKnight

Rebecca Rose

Renata Feinstein

Riona Lally

Roland Shen

Roman McGee

Rose Phillips

Saanvi Athota

Sara Dowling

Sara Kangaslahti

Sean Whitworth

Sehoon Park

Shane Sullivan

Slater Anton

Spencer Willison

Stefani Feldman

Sophia Liebman

Sophia von der Ohe

SoYeon Angela Chon

Tahoe Kim

Thomas Wu

Tommy Park

Trevor Dalton

Trixie Weiner

Whitney Neumann

William Baker

Wyatt Standish

Yujin Song

Ziming Zhang

Meet Our Faculty

Meet the outstanding teachers of Children’s Music Workshop.







 About Our Scholarship Program

Separate from the LACESMA music scholarship program mentioned above, Children’s Music Workshop contributes more than $50,000 a year for Los Angeles city elementary school music scholarships and free instrument rentals to benefit economically-disadvantaged students in the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District). In addition to our gifts, we also partner with a number of local businesses and non-profit organizations – raising additional tens of thousands of dollars to directly fund music programs in area elementary schools where LAUSD music funding has been cut or is non-existent.

savethemusic150 Help Support Our Scholarship Program

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help support Children’s Music Workshop’s continuing efforts to provide free music instruction to elementary students in underserved schools throughout the Los Angeles area.

Visit Our Donation Page to Help Save the Music in Los Angeles City Elementary Schools
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