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What is Children's Music Workshop?
Children’s Music Workshop is an Emmy® award winning music education company specializing in a variety of products and services including custom designed band and orchestra method books, school-site music instruction, music education advocacy and more.

Founded nearly thirty years ago by Larry Newman, CMW presently coordinates K – 8 music programs in more than two dozen top Los Angeles area public and private schools.

Our professional music instructors are patient and nurturing educators who bring decades of experience to our program.  They teach all ages with passion to promote the development of creative expression in all students.  We begin each year with an exciting school-wide assembly to recruit budding new musicians through demonstration and an instrument petting zoo, culminating after around 30 weeks of instruction with a full-ensemble concert for parents.

Music education is affordable. Most schools are a parent-pay program where parents of the students involved pay an annual fee to Children’s Music Workshop.  The average annual instructional fee is $550 per student.


If the program is after school, the checks are usually payable directly to Children’s Music Workshop.  Neither the school nor booster group is involved in collecting money, registering students or fund raising for the program.  Classes are scheduled every 30 to 40 minutes beginning at dismissal time and continuing for several hours as needed to accommodate the enrollment.


If instruction is offered during the school day as a traditional “pull-out” music program, the checks are usually payable to the school’s PTA or Booster group and then Children’s Music Workshop is paid by the PTA or Booster group.

Pull-out programs are open to all students regardless of ability to pay.  CMW and the school or Booster group often work together to provide scholarship assistance so that anyone can participate without financial considerations.  (After school programs do not allow us to provide the same amount of financial aid; however, we can offer some need based scholarships after school, too.)

At most of our schools, the school or Booster group do not contribute financially towards the program, but rather simply assist with scheduling and logistical support.  Classes are scheduled every 30 to 40 minutes throughout the academic school day.

Scholarship / Financial Assistance
Children’s Music Workshop contributes more than $50,000 each year in music education scholarship assistance and free instrument rentals to economically-disadvantaged students in our local public schools.

In addition to our gifts, we also partner with a number of local businesses and non-profit organizations – raising tens of thousands of dollars to directly fund music programs in local public elementary schools where district funding has been cut or is non-existent.

Class Schedule/Size
Typically, classes are offered once a week from September/October through April/May for a total of approximately 30 instructional weeks.  (We do not follow a semesterly schedule like many other after school clubs/classes.) Lessons are 30 to 40 minutes long.  After school programs are scheduled with the first class for the youngest students taking place right after dismissal time and other classes taking place later in the afternoon.  Students waiting to take their lesson either go home and come back to school or go to a school provided day care or supervised playground program on campus.  Pull-out programs are scheduled during the academic school day.

String classes average 7 to 12 students and woodwind and brass classes are usually 6 to 10 students. Recorder classes can be as large as 15 students.

A typical after school music education program with a total enrollment of around sixty students may have a schedule that looks something like this:
Room 1 (Strings Teacher):
2:50 – 3:30 PM: Beginning Strings for Grades 1 and 2
3:30 – 4:10 PM: Beginning Strings for Grades 3, 4 and 5
4:10 – 4:50 PM: Intermediate Strings for Grades 2 and higher

Room 2 (Winds Teacher):
2:50 – 3:30 PM: Beginning Flute
3:30 – 4:10 PM: Beginning Trumpet and pBone mini
3:30 – 4:10 PM: Beginning Clarinet and Saxophone
4:10 – 4:50 PM: Intermediate Winds

Our smallest total enrollment at a school is around 20 students and our largest enrollment is around 130 students.  The average size program consists of around 50 – 70 students in grades 1 through 5 playing woodwinds, brass and string instruments.  Schools are assigned from one to four teachers – depending on enrollment.

Instruments Offered
We offer instruction to all grade levels for a well-rounded music education.
Grades K and 1 = Violin and recorder
Grade 2 = Violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, pBone mini, recorder and ukulele
Grades 3 and higher = Violin, cello, flute, clarinet , alto sax, trumpet, pBone mini, baritone horn, trombone, and ukulele
Low cost instrument rentals are available through our local supplier and delivered directly to school.  We also have a limited number of free loaners available as scholarship help.

Children’s Music Workshop is unique to all other arts providers because of our proprietary music education curriculum.  Authored by Larry Newman, the core of our program is the custom designed method books for elementary age students.  These books coupled with a faculty trained to use them, provide exceptional teaching techniques geared towards elementary age students.  The books are among some of the top sellers on Amazon in the elementary school band and orchestra category.

We do a school-wide recruitment assembly at each school in August or September.  All the instruments of the orchestra are presented in an educational assembly that features live performances by professional musicians and a short 5 minute video featuring our students in concert.  A flyer goes home that day with a website address that has more information and a registration form to sign-up.  Classes usually begin two to three weeks after the assembly program. For examples of the school music education webpages, visit our schools page.

Our Mission / Our Vision

Our Music Education Mission:

We make music education simple and affordable for elementary school children in Los Angeles to receive a high quality, all-inclusive music education; we provide brand name instruments, experienced teachers, proprietary curriculum and professional, responsive support.

Our Music Education Vision:

We intend to implement our music education curriculum across the nation and become one of the leading music education providers while extending our teaching presence to other major metropolitan areas.

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