The Children’s Music Workshop curriculum is based on the most current research on how students learn.

Authored by Larry Newman, the program’s innovative band and orchestra method books are nationally recognized and used in hundreds of schools throughout the country.

The instrumental music instruction students receive represents the best practices in education today. These include an emphasis on critical thinking skills, clear expectations and attention to the California standards in the performing arts.

Instrumental music instruction is offered to all students at every grade level. A sequential, spiral curriculum provides a music program that builds from one year to the next - always offering challenge for different levels, abilities and grades.

The instrumental music program employs a wide variety of unique teaching strategies to meet the needs of all students.

Internet based learning is also provided using mp3 accompaniments, online music downloads and interactive music software - all easily accessible through the school’s orchestra web page.

In addition, one on one instruction is provided to anyone needing some extra assistance. Through clear directions and appropriate modeling, high expectations are clearly communicated to students and parents.

A clearly defined instructional schedule, custom and sequential lessons, regular homework and progress reports, the prompt return of parent phone calls and emails, an online event calendar, and monthly music updates all contribute to students' success.

A practice record chart on the back cover of every music book encourages regular home practice and a music “check-off” system helps students monitor their progress.

Data supports the students’ high level of achievement as reflected in the exceptional quality and high grade level of the music repertoire performed.

And state test scores confirm achievement as well. At Kenter Canyon School - where almost a third of all students are involved in the orchestra program - scores improved nearly across the board in both language arts and math over the last three years.

Most compelling are third grade math scores that rank at 95%. There are more third graders in the orchestra program than any other single grade. Last year, every grade in both language arts and math had at least 75% of its students scoring at or above proficient.

Evidence that students are receiving a positive and meaningful experience is unmistakable in the high percentage of students who elect to continue in music throughout their elementary years - and beyond.

And finally, students learn to connect and apply what is taught in music class to learning in other art forms, subject areas and life experiences.

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Custom Designed Curriulum

Full series of sequentially written string, brass and woodwind books

The core of our program is the custom designed method books for elementary age students. These books use a host of exceptional teaching techniques geared directly towards elementary age students.


California State Standards in Music

Our flexible and innovative curriculum adheres to the California State Standards in music and covers artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing and connections, relationships and applications as they relate to each specific grade level.

To this end, students learn to read, write, improvise and perform music. They learn about music in the past and present cultures throughout the world. They learn to analyze and make judgments about music.

Scholarship Winners

at the Los Angeles City Elementary School Music Association competition

The excellence of the program is validated each year at the LACESMA Music Scholarship Auditions. Competing with students from more than 400 district elementary schools, our schools are consistently represented each year - often with multiple winners - in the annual merit based competition.

All Schools Honor Orchestra at UCLA

The best and brightest elementary students from througout Los Angeles

The annual All Schools Elementary Honor Orchstra at UCLA provides aspiring young musicians with a musical road map to excellence.

Supportive Parents, Teachers and Administration

Successful program are a colaboration of music educators, parents, classroom teachers, administraiton and school staff.

Further proof of students’ achievement is reflected in the overwhelming support for the program offered by parents, teachers and administrators.

Pride and Joy

But most telling is the inimitable pride and joy evident on the faces of the young musicians as they enthusiastically rehearse and perform.


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