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You've touched many lives and given them a lifelong gift of music and another way to express themselves. Thank you.
Austin Beutner

I am feeling a bit sad as this is Olín's last year. She will be going to Campbell Hall in the fall and we hope to continue violin there. Olin has grown so much under your guidance and caring professional program. I hope we stay in touch and should you ever need a "testimony" from very delighted parents well here we are. All the best and thank you for all your wonderful support over the years.
Dr. Janna Shadduck-Hernandez

Thanks again for a wonderful experience. I was so touched by all the beautiful music pieces. The girls were thrilled, as we were we all.
Kimberly Lutz

Thank you Larry for a lovely concert that was truly fantastic. The work that you and your colleagues put into the Children's Music Workshop and into Honors Orchestra is a lovely gift to all of the kids that are lucky enough to participate in those programs.
Tim and Alli Silvestre

Congratulations on a magnificent performance this past Saturday. It was amazing to hear your orchestra...they made beautiful music. We know of all the hard work from you, the teachers and the students and wanted to thank you for your efforts and your vision. Matthew enjoyed every minute and is a proud clarinetist. Please pass our gratitude onto Mandy, Jonathan, Greg, Jamelle, and Karen who all worked with Matthew in preparation for the big day.
Michele and Stuart Shanus

Thanks for all your wonderful work, Mr. Newman. You are the best - I am in awe of your contributions!
Isabel Lagomasino

I wanted to express how impressed my family and I were with the concert and what you've been able to accomplish with children. It was a very moving and memorable day for us all. Trevor loved being a part of the orchestra and really grew as a musician this year, despite his broken thumb and cast.
Deborah Dalton

Sorry I didn't get to you sooner, but I wanted to compliment you on the wonderful performance yesterday. It was fantastic! We were amazed at what you pulled off with those young musicians. The whole show was completely enjoyable. William LOVED the experience (he really loves Brenda as well) from start to finish, and told me he wants to do the orchestra every year .I think this was the best one yet!
Katheleen Laccionole

Thank you so much for all you have given Shaun. Your program meant the world to him.
Randy Tenan-Snow

Yesterday's concert was tremendous ! It was a thrill to see the kids perform! Last year's performance was great but this year's was stupendous! It is really exciting to see the orchestra develop and to see the kids tackle more difficult music! Cheers to you and all our teachers!
Mick and Maryclaire Buchanan

You run such an amazing program. You have given Maya an individual identity and confidence she does not always have from being an identical twin. Debbie has also inspired an enthusiasm in her that has given her so much confidence.
Deb Romanik

The children are fantastic!! The teachers do an amazing job with the children. Your work is nothing short of amazing. Next year, we have to bring the grand parents and aunties to witness firsthand how great the concert is. I'm sure they will be impressedl
Robin Wynne-Davis

As the parent of a new 2nd grade violinist, I want to thank you for the amazing job you've done with these children. My daughter Eva loves Mrs. Welch and loves her violin. To hear that calibre of music coming from an elementary school orchestra was delightful.
Lisa Carloss

I am a teacher at UCLA LAb school. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff. The work you do with our students is phenomenal.
Carla-Anne Thomas

Thank you so much to you and your fabulous staff, my girls have had a wonderful year and its just amazing to me what your team have managed to do in such a short time every week.
Juiet Felton

I want to thank you for such a great music program. As I sat and watched orchestra, I thought how amazing this experience is for these kids. Whatever they do, wherever they go, music can only make life better.
Stacy Scholder

Thanks so much for all you did this year. Both Ben and Willa LOVED playing with you, and are so excited about playing again next year.
Alison Needham

Thank you for enriching our childrens' lives with wonderful music classes! You have changed my son's life immensely!
Marla Vaughn

Thank you Larry for everything that you do for these children. . . We are so fortunate to be a part of such an amazing program and when I hear David play and see how proud he is of himself, I know that so much of that is you and your love of music.
Stephanie Jacobs

Thank you so much for the amazing concert on Saturday. You are truly amazing, organising that many children is no mean feat! Children's Music Workshop is a blessing to us all.
Erika Phillips

I know I speak for all the parents when I say that what you give the children is truly priceless.
Roxanne Neal

Thank you for your musical leadership in last week's outstanding performance. The memories will last a lifetime!
Karen and Steven Canup

Thank you for the wonderful music lessons. I enjoyed observing last week for a few minutes. I have no idea how you can exercise such patience and good humor with beginning recorder players, but it is a wonderful introduction to music for Aaron.
Laura Diamond

Thank you so much! We cannot believe what was accomplished. We appreciate your passion for music education. You are INCREDIBLE.
Nancy Oda, Principal, Maurice Sendak Elementary School

Those kids did a great job. I was so proud of them.   Thanks for everything that you have done for them and for Arts in Ed.  We're really lucky to have such an outstanding partner! You are the best!
Spike Dolomite-Ward, Director, Arts in Education Aid Council, Inc.

Your concert was fantastic! I look forward to watching our orchestra grow next year. You do know that I'm a conservatory drop out, and every frustrated musician wants an orchestra!
Elizabeth Abramowitz, Principal, Fairburn Elementary School

I want you to know that I am so thankful that we are part of your outstanding musical program. The UCLA concert was absolutely outstanding. I look forward to another great year and to many more students involved in your music program.
Sister Stella, Head of School, St. Paul the Apostle School

The children did a great job, didn't they? They didn't seem nervous or shy, either. Thank you, Larry and Brenda, for having this program. It is so good for kids!
Lynn Perske, Principal, Jefferson Elementary

Great job Larry, Desiree and Dave! The music program is terrific and the concert was wonderful. It truly takes a village to make it so! Thank you for helping bring back our orchestra and making it so successful! Horray!
Laurie Wolke, Head of School, Laurence School

Everything was outstanding.
Donna Elder, Principal, Seeds University Elementary School at UCLA

We did a survey of the music program - we do one for all of our after school programs - and I have to tell you that everyone gave it the highest ratings! They absolutely love Desiree’ and feel it was a terrific year. I will compile the comments together for you, but just wanted to let you know!
Thanks for a great year!
Maribeth Gillespie, PTA Officer, Helmers Elementary

Thank you Desiree'. You are an amazing lady with incredible patience and talent. Thank you for all you did for our kids! The concert was fantastic.
Seana Harrison

Your program is magic. I can't wait to have Sophia rejoin in the fall.
Dianne Pietrolungo

Thank you for all your hard work and kind attention to my daughter and every other student you had. Their love for you was obvious at the concert. Thank you again.
Laura Miller

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that my son Max is LOVING music. It has been such a delight to see him come home and practice, practice without me ever having to ask him (and believe me that does not happen with his homework). Tonight I literally had to drag him off his instrument to get him to go to bed. So, thank you for bringing music into his world!
Kim Morris

The quality and high standard of your program is evident in the professionalism and attitude shown by your students. You are one of the hardest working people I know, and you deserve all of the praise that comes your way.
Katy Anastasi

Thank you. It's done beautifully and so was your whole orchestra  performance.
Sherry Mohazab

I was a piano player for years, taking lessons from private instructors in NY and LA, and don't think I ever reached the level that you bring your students to.  Not only are these kids learning to play music, but the opportunity to play at UCLA is such a confidence builder, you have no idea.  I sat there with my parents, watching them beam at their granddaughter.  I had tears in my eyes and found myself singing the Pink Panther Theme for days.  Sharing my enthusiasm is the least I can do, as I think your program is amazing. 
Sherry Saffer

We just wanted to congratulate you on successfully completing all of your music shows. They were all a great success and could not of gone any better. Thank you so much for your hard work and extreme dedication to all of the kids, we really appreciate it. We look forward to working with you in future shows and wish you the best.
Sal, Maggie & Alyssa LaPardo

Thank you very much for all of your patience and hard work throughout the year. Thank you too, for the wonderful Spring Concert last night. Everyone did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed it very much!
Rene (Denise's mom)

Thank you for a great year.
Allison Polhill

Thanks again for a wonderful orchestra season.   Izzy had a great time. Violin is a big deal to her, and this was really a great treat for her. She just got a book with Vivaldi pieces, so this summer we'll be hearing the 4 Seasons, I think.  
Rand Blimiester

Thank you for this wonderful program. Our son, Eric, learned so much under Mandy's instruction playing the clarinet this year .He is now teaching himself to play piano also. He has always loved music and this program has now made it less of a mystery. He recognizes
The Siegel Family

We are blessed to have such a dedicated and talented teacher as you in our community. Bravo! 
Elisabeth (Emmett's mom)

I just wanted to say how awesome the performance was and how amazing that the kids could play so well by just starting from October.  It goes to show what great teachers you are.
Firstly I would like to thank you and Strings teacher Debbie for introducing the joys of the violin to our son. He was reluctant at first but he tells us it is one of his favorite after-school subjects, next to Karate. I would like him to continue his classes during his summer holiday in England and would like to know what size violin you suggest I get for him. He is six and a half years old.
Anna Marie de la Fuente-Carver

Thank you for the wonderful ues concert. The performances and the music were touching as well as beautiful.
Milka Dyrek

Thank You! for putting this beautiful concert together. My son Alex certainly enjoyed it a lot as much as he enjoys the weekly classes.
Heidi Azera

Thank you for such a wonderful concert experience.  It was truly special.
The Martino's

Thank you so much for doing this! The event was so worthwhile and the children gain so much from participating in the program and then gaining the confidence to stand up and play in front of an audience. Wonderful. I very much appreciate it all.
Jane Wurwand

We just finished a wonderful school teacher with Miss Brenda at Edison and my son Mark (he is currently in 4th grade) was asking me about possibly taking private trumpet lessons over the summer (thanks to Miss Brenda's wonderful teaching - he loves playing and misses the lessons!  I really think it was the concert though that put him over the edge for being hooked!)
Cathy Allsman, Edison Elementary

Riley may not be making beautiful music yet (she is still thrilled when she makes the right sound), but she sure loves it! At this point, that is my goal.  Thanks for all your hard work.
Lindsey Rosefsky

Thank you again for all you do with the music program at Carlthorp.  My daughter, Emmie, really enjoyed learning from you and your lovely team. 
Elisabeth Wolf

What a treat tonight.  We really enjoyed and Rachele was beaming! Thank you,
Francis and Karin Aurino
Thanks for another great year of CMW.  Jonathan enjoys your program.  As he progresses we can't wait to attend another Honor's Orchestra. See you next season!
Linda Chang

Thanks for a great concert at UCLA!
Jim Frangipane

I was so impressed with the Honors Orchestra concert and it was a great experience for Michael!
Virginia Beautner

This was our first year in the program and Grant and I felt it was a wonderful introduction for Sam to the wonderful world of playing a musical instrument.  We will definitely enroll again next year!!!!  Many thanks!
Margaret Levy

Thank you and all the teachers for a great work. My son has learned so much. At the beginning, he couldn't even blow well, but now he can play songs. He and the family really enjoyed the concert not to mention all the practices we had to listen at home :-) My son will be back next year. Thank you very much.
Connie Sadeghi

Thank you for another  year of music at Marquez...it has enriched  Annie's life and we appreciate your dedication.
The Elanders

Thank you for a wonderful music program!
The Wongs

You've done a GREAT job!  Louie has really enjoys the trumpet thanks to you.  I would like to give him private lessons now.  Can you recommend a teacher?
Carol Friedman

Great performance on Thursday. I'm in AWE with what you can do with these kids! You are a gift to our community, and your son Tyler is a nice and brilliant kid, following in dad's footsteps. You are a great role model. The girls have enjoyed being in class with him over the years.
June Louks

Thanks Mr Newman for your wonderful program.  Christopher loves the trumpet and looks forward to continuing.  As usual, the concert was a delight.  Thanks!!

I was again blown away by the high caliber of those elementary school musicians at the Honor Orchestra Performance at UCLA this past weekend.   Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to your students.   It is nice know that programs like yours exist for kids who can participate in an orchestra setting at such a young age.
Jeannie Kamm

Thank you again for a wonderful concert.  It was truly moving to see all those young musicians.  I would like to order a DVD of the concert.  Please reserve one for me.
Lynn Alvarez

Thanks to you for all your work. It was a wonderful and impressive performance.

We thought the whole concert was the best yet.  Thanks again!@
The Gells

The only thing left out was that no one formerly thanked you for all you've done with our children and music. Thanks so much. Charlie will be back again in the fall for violin - and maybe we'll even have Clare, our 7 year old join too (she's been playing violin for 2 years). Hope to see you soon. The Coopers

Thank you for providing the children with such a fabulous musical experience, from the instruction, up through the phenomenal Honors Orchestra performance at Schoenberg Hall on Saturday.  To think that two years ago, Samantha was unable to read music, and had never so much as picked up a violin.  Your program is a testament to just what is possible. Both of my girls look forward to next year. 
Sherry Garfield

Great show! The best one.  Kids sounded like a professional orchestra. Congratulations.
Terry Power 

We wanted to thank you again for giving Clara the opportunity to play with the orchestra and solo in Schoenberg. She very much enjoyed the experience!
Antonio Lysy, Professor of Music, UCLA

Thank you so much for including Charlie in the Honors Orchestra.  He has not stopped humming tunes from the show and announced to us he wants to be in the jazz band next year.  Thank you for your inspiration and dedication to the kids.  I wanted to stand up and thank both Friday night and Saturday, but things were a little formal for that...please know your dedication does not go without notice.  We look forward to next year.
 Gayle Greco
The concert was phenomenal!  I cannot express how happy and proud we were of the children, and of our son Benny, as they made beautiful music together on that stage under your supreme direction.  I think what they came up with was unexpectedly mature and moving for children their tender ages.  The violin soloist was tremendous.  The jazz piece was terrific.  We took our parents to see their grandson, and they were all amazed.  My mother said the music brought tears to her eyes.  Thank you again for all your hard work and generosity with the children.  Your program truly changes their lives for good. With great admiration and appreciation,
Celia deMayol

Let me thank you many times over for giving children a chance like this to be part of such a wonderful program.  Imagine - getting to play in an orchestra with children from all over the Los Angeles area!  We were so impressed at how you were able to pull the best efforts from these children to culminate in something so professional and enjoyable to all.  You have just started a life-long love-affair with music for our daughter, Liana (she even took her flute with her when we went on vacation to Maui for Spring Break!).  Thank you for all your (and Mandy's) efforts.
Chris Smale

I would have to agree that the performance was spectacular this year!  I loved that you had one of the kids do the vocal part and that violinist was spectacular!  I  personally enjoyed when Tyler did the solo part at the Marquez performance - what a stellar job he did.
We enjoyed the concert very much. Thank you for the wonderful experience. I just realized that I forgot to order a CD when I ordered the VHS tape earlier. Please reserve a copy of the concert CD for our family. I'll send in a check of $17 payable to James & James Sound Redorders today. Thank you.
 Kelly Liao

We also want to congratulate you of an extremely successful concert.  This is the first year our son, Austin, has the honor to be invited to this orchestra.  We really would like to thank you for this opportunity.  It was such a marvelous experience. Austin has also asked if it is possible for him to continue advanced sax next year as well as taking beginning violin at the same school year. Thank you and your wonderful staff for teaching our children!
Cindy Chan

We enjoyed the concert very much.Thank you for all the effort that was put in creating this wonderful musical experience.
Leah and Igal Leibovitch

Thanks for a fabulous experience.
Rosario Herrera Sindel
Thank you for a wonderful performance and experience for kids. Niclas (Fairburn) was so excited to be part of the orchestra and felt very proud. It was a great event and you have some wonderful talent within the group! Thanks again, that was really wonderful,

The children sounded amazing today!  Congratulations! They sounded very impressive.

Congratulations!!  The concert was fabulous!  They sound better every year!  I guess all those sunday rehearsals paid off!  Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this event.  It is such a valuable experience for these children, and so rewarding for their proud parents!   (Clara was awesome!  Where did you find her?  Nina is inspired by her!)  See you on March 25th for Lanai's school concert.
Mary Beth Romo

I was so impressed by the Orchestra performance today.  I can't wait for the CD and Video to show it to everyone.  Thank you for all you do for our children.  It means so much. Thank you again, you are fabulous.
Annika Watts

This is such a wonderful program.  Will you be doing anything in the summer ?
Lucy A. Alarid

Thank you for your constant attention to detail & communication with the parents.  I appreciate it!
Molly, Heschel School Administrative Staff

Thanks for the wonderful evening of music at Fairburn last night.
Bonnie Bogin

Congratulations, Larry, on receiving the Lori Petrick Educator Award!  That is wonderful,
and so well deserved.
Brad Zacuto, Head of School, Westside Neighborhood School

Congratulations on your teacher's award. We are very proud of you.
Caroline Rubin

Congratulations on the teaching award!  It looks as though the pinnacle of your career keeps getting higher and higher.  We’re all very proud to have you at Overland.
Ken Kotarksi

 Congratulations on the award!!!!!   No matter what happens, you are a winner in the eyes of all the students you touch through music.   Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.
Jeannie Kamm

Daniel loves music so much, he never complains about practicing, (and that is so much due to you and all the amazing teachers, because he's always been musical, but you made sure it stayed rich and challenging for him) anyway, he now is practicing over an hour a day, everyday, with no breaks, and I give you my word of honor, I did not suggest it. And he practices piano as well. So, thank you again. It's magic for someone like myself who is "musically impaired".
Lynne P.
We are very sad that this will be Jacqueline's last year with the orchestra program at Overland as she will be moving on to the middle school.  She has been in the orchestra program for three years since the beginning and receives great benefit from your program. You bring great music to her life that will be a lifelong enjoyment.  Thank you for all the hard work.
Suh Chen Hsiao

I just wanted to pass along a big thank you for the years of assistance to Wallis and her classmates and Community School. We'll see where Wallis goes with the violin: it's been a great introduction to music theory and listening and she's now moving toward an interest in voice! (Martha has allowed her to sing as Nancy in the school play, Oliver!)I hope you continue to be involved in the program at Community: it's been a real treat.
Ann Zum(winkle)

Thankyou for the great music program!
Susan Loomis

Thank you.  You have been so responsive and helpful.
Elisabeth Wolf

Our son Benny found out this afternoon that he was a winner in the LACESMA music scholarship program, auditions for which were held at LA Valley College, the day we saw you there. We wanted to thank you for all your support and mentorship of Benny thus far, and to let you know that his involvement in music has been probably the high point of his life.  He loves music and playing clarinet.  He loves studying privately with Mandy Fey, who has also been an unbelievably wonderful influence on Benny.  The whole experience has been positive and nurturing.  To top it off, he has won a scholarship.  I believe this experience has made him feel very very good about himself and his investment in music. Just thought you'd like to know what a wonderful, positive impact you have on our kids' lives. Thank you again for everything, and we look forward to continued work together in the future.
 Celia and Bob (and Benny, of course) deMayo

I received the award letters today from the competition today and both Avery and Alexzandra won! Avery doesn’t know yet, because she is on a field trip for a few days, but Alexzandra is thrilled. Thank you so much for you caring and support. CMWS has had a big effect on the girls. They could never have done it without you and your wonderful program.
Patricia Kovic

You probably already know, but just in case you don't, Nina just received a letter saying that she has been chosen as a winner of the LACESMA scholarship!  She is over the moon!  Thank you for all your support and encouragement!
Mary Beth Romo

Dear  Ms.Abramowitz (Principal at Fairburn Ave. Elementary)!
I have to express my deep satisfaction with music programm for kids. It is very impressive how in such a short period of time kids learned to play music. My son, Daniel, loves his lessons very much, and, as former piano player myself, I believe that they are doing terrific job. Dave is absolutely wonderful and my son loves him. It is absolutely unbelievable how fast my son learned to play. My entire family is impressed with my son progress.
Dr. Julia Baum

Kayla just told me that Dr. Moren announced over the speakers about the fact that the 4 Kenter students auditioned and finished in the top. Thank you so much for giving this info so quickly to Dr. Moren. The kids were so proud, and the other children really cheered them on for this. You're always one step ahead with everything.  I still don't know how you do it with over a dozen schools to deal with. I think you need to teach a class in being organized and timely, (actually ahead of the time!!) Thank you again for everything that you do for our kids.
Katia Shenassa

Many thanks to you for all the encouragement and enthusiasm you give to each child.  It's great to see so many of your students try out.  You have inspired my son(s) to excel in music, and it looks like many others.  It truly amazes me to hear how they grow throughout the year.  Thanks!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for allowing Jacqueline to participate in today's audition.  She was very nervous and afraid that she disappointed me.  I apologized for not checking in with you at the beginning of the audition.  We were running lat getting there (got lost a little bite) and took a few minutes to settle down when we arrived. Our sincere appreciation for all the wonderful music that you brought to our home.
Suh Chen Hsiao, Jacqueline Lin's mom

Thank you for a terrific music program. You are a special person to bring such creativity and talent from our children. Thank you!
Lisa Fiore, Seeds UES

Thanks for all your help, patience and kindness.

Thanks you the information and keeping parents informed.  My daughters Mary and Elizabeth are thoroughly enjoying their first year of violin.  I can't believe how far they've come, and that's a credit to you and your excellent instructors.
Katy Anastasi

Thank you so much it really warms my heart that so many are interested in the art and making sure that the children get  to participate and that you all provide this to them!! Look forward to the concert!

It's Alicia Jazmin's mom, thank you sooo much for what you are doing with her, she loves music, but most of all she loves to be part of your group. Thanks for being part of her life's team.

Thanks for the info. on the music program.  Joshua Walley will definitely participate in the program again - he's looking forward to it.  We are so pleased with the program.  Also, the website looks wonderful.
The Walleys

Thank you so much for providing this experience for our children.  8 months  or so ago when my athletic, high spirited boy came home and asked me if he  could take violin I actually heard myself say "Violin?  Really?  Are you kidding?" (how encouraging can you get?) and he was whole heartedly interested and  replied "yeah mom, it's cool!"  (This was thanks to your talented son's  performance I'm certain!).  Little did I expect how important it would become to him.   I have been so proud of his focus (when he practices - which wasn't as often  as I wanted, but he never complained about having to practice a  couple of  times a week) and he too was proud of his efforts - this was apparent at the youth  concert the other evening which was so impressive; ALL the children in fact  impressed me.  

When the concert was over and Liam was walking away from the party I reminded  him to give back his violin to Miss Debbie.  He looked at me then put the  case down, opened it and played his little half-size violin one last time  (Twinkle Twinkle of course!) and looked a little somber.  I said, "don't worry honey.  We're going to take private lessons over the summer, remember? "  "I know  mom.  Bye little violin..." and he put it back in it's case.  I truly never  would have guessed Liam would have these feelings.  I remember telling a friend  that we would probably only last a month or so in violin class.  Oh ye (me!) of  little faith!....

So thank you again for this wonderful early experience for Liam.  My daughter  Olivia (who will be in Kindergarten next year) wants to play flute and violin  now and I haven't said one single un encouraging word about it! 
Julie Graham Zeidenl


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