Dear Music Supporter:

Children’s Music Workshop provides instrumental music instruction to more than two dozen Los Angeles area schools. Among these are some of the top private and public schools in the city.

However, another vitally important part of CMW’s mission is to provide instruction to at risk students in economically-disadvantaged schools through our partnership with The GSI Foundation, the Arts in Education Aid Council and other non-profit organizations.

The economy is taking a toll on the non-profit sector.  Many non-profits are going out of business.  Our non-profit funding of these underserved schools is currently far short than the amount needed.

Won’t you please us keep these vital programs alive for the students who need them most?

Your generous contribution is tax-deductible and will make a huge difference in the lives of our deserving young music students.

For more information on how to make your tax-deductible contribution, please contact Music Director Mr. Larry Newman at info@childrensmusicworkshop.com









Why Support Arts Education Programs in Our Local Public Schools?

* By working together to create and support arts education programming in our schools, we are making sure that the children of the LAUSD receive a well rounded education

* By investing in the next generation, we are investing in our own futures. Students who receive a well rounded education will grow into well rounded adults, with more career options. Many of them will stay in the Valley, and will have a lasting impact on our community, elevating the quality of life for everyone

* By creating and cultivating a culturally literate student population, we are creating a new generation of adults who will value and support the arts and culture in Los Angeles. This will ultimately strengthen the economy of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, creating more tourism revenue.

* By fostering creativity in our young people, we are creating deep thinkers, risk takers, and innovators - all vital elements to a healthy economic future.

* By supporting arts education in public schools, advocates are acknowledging that there are many different learning styles and that all are valid and necessary.

* By supporting the arts in schools, new learning styles are unleashed. At-risk students are given an outlet to express themselves. Naturally creative children are finally given a chance to succeed in school. The more academically inclined students are challenged to stretch themselves to search for more than the one right answer which they are conditioned to look for during the current trend in “skill and drill” styles of teaching.

* By supporting school art programs, we are enhancing school atmospheres. Schools that value the arts demonstrate that they appreciate student individuality, beauty, and creativity in learning. Pro-arts schools convey to its students and their families that they care about the whole child. Schools that have active arts programs have stronger, happier, higher achieving students. Parent/school relationships are strengthened, resulting in healthier, active school communities.

* By maintaining year-long arts programs, we are preserving the humanity in teaching by encouraging teachers to instruct creatively, instead of teaching by script, which has recently taken over the profession.

* By taking the arts education cause into our own hands, community groups (parents, artists, business leaders, employees, education advocates) are saying through our actions that we will no longer wait for the system to change, and that, together, we have the power to change it ourselves.


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