We Want Music but . . . . Support for Pull-Out Instrumental Music as Part of the School Day Curriculum  We just have no time in the school day.  Students miss what is being taught in their classroom. With California's rigorous standards there is a tremendous amount of curriculum to cover, but the curriculum should be considered as a whole, not little individual lessons that students might miss.  Let's suppose music instruction occurs on Wednesdays and the teachers see groups of students leaving the classroom throughout the morning.  This is the perfect day to have students work on projects that cover the California standards in a more holistic, ongoing fashion.  Students might work on book reports that utilize comprehension and writing skills or work on math activities that involve problem-solving and reinforcing of math skills.  Our teachers would never allow the disruption. Today’s educational leaders know that music instruction is not a distraction; rather, it is an important piece in a child's education.  As the school administrator, you know how to give encouragement to your teachers. If the school principal supports music as a discipline that enhances classroom instruction and encourages teachers to embrace the whole child, music instruction simply becomes a natural part of the school day.  Our focus is on academics and improving test scores. Music instruction is academic and study after study supports the data that music instruction increases test scores.  A school with music instruction provides a more rigorous, academic program than schools without music.

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