Babies and Music


Researchers have been saying for years that surroundings affect a baby even before he is born. Many mothers believe that talking to their baby when he was in the womb made a difference after he was born. Authorities also believe that music makes a big impact on unborn infants, babies, toddlers and even high school students.

Soothing music can calm restless babies. Those having trouble sleeping will often go to sleep soon after hearing soft music. Aside from entertainment, there seems to be further effects that become more apparent after birth.

Music stimulates growth in the brain that can result in better motor skills, advanced auditory and language skills and a smarter adult. Furthermore, if a child continues to hear music after birth, it can increase his creativity and interest in abstract things. If he learns more about music, particularly if he learns to play an instrument, he is likely to do well in academic studies such as math. This is because he will learn to count beats and measures and many of those involve fractions.

There is enough evidence to prove that the impact is significant. Children who learn music typically have higher IQs and SAT scores and they tend not to drop out of school. They also have better people skills because the music learning process involves other people and much of the creation of music is based on group efforts.

Problem solving is another thing a child develops when he learns to play music, especially if he learns to play by ear. When he is listening to music and trying to apply what he is hearing to a musical instrument, it teaches him to pay attention to details and even try to establish what is going to happen next. This is beneficial in many areas of life and labor.

A child does not have to become proficient at an instrument to benefit from learning it. The educational process can help the youngster to become somewhat skilled at other arts such as writing or painting and it can help him to learn other things such as computer programming, financial services and anything that involves mathematics or a lot of detail.

If you or someone you know is about to have a child, you may be looking for personalised baby presents. Just as with the music, the most beneficial item is one that can help a child to learn as well as have fun. The things a child becomes acquainted with now will make him a more productive adult in the future.

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