Music Education Advocacy

Great music education advocacy resources to use in support of music education in our schools.

Google’s Latest Music Education Advocacy

Dr. Ben Carson: Music Education Advocate

California’s Teacher Tax

Will classical music exist for another generation?

Will classical music exist for another generation? If Karen Zorn has anything to do with it, it will thrive. “We don’t think of musicians as just performing artists,” Zorn, the president of Longy School of Music of Bard College, says. “We see them as agents of change...

Now’s the Time: A Story of Music, Education and Advocacy

Now's the Time is the long-awaited memoir by Ned Corman, one of today's leading music educators and arts leaders. Along with Rob Enslin, he weaves a series of vivid memories that spans more than 70 years and illustrates his abiding belief in the power of creativity....

Don’t Cut the Arts, music teachers

David Bell recently retired as a public school teacher with 35 years experience and was awarded the "Virtuoso Award" by the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education in 2012. Earlier this month, Enquirer reporter Janelle Gelfand asked, "Does Cincinnati realize what it has in...

Twelve Benefits of Music Education

Twelve Benefits of Music Education 1. The benefits of musiec education include developing brain areas involved in language and reasoning. It is thought that brain development continues for many years after birth. Recent studies have clearly indicated that musical...

After School Strings Program Strikes a Chord

BELLINGHAM — As Cameron and Robin Meyer watched their daughter play violin in front of classmates at Silver Beach Elementary School, they couldn’t help but be proud of how much the fifth-grader had improved after just weeks of practice. “It’s really fun for her to...

Scientific studies have proven that music is great food for the brain and although it is often one of the first programs on the chopping block for schools facing budget cuts, it’s important that children are exposed to music throughout their education. If your school is considering cutting funding for the music program, print out and show some of these articles to the school board to emphasize how critical it is to a child’s well-rounded development. Bookmark this page and check back here regularly to learn more about music advocacy and how to make the argument for music education.
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